6 Steps to Reset Kenmore Oven Control Board.

A Kenmore oven’s control board regulates electrical devices inside your oven. But what if the setting of your Kenmore oven control board goes bad? Is it possible to reset it yourself?

Absolutely yes! It is super easy to reset the control board at home.

In today’s blog post, I will walk you through the steps you need to follow to reset the control board of the Kenmore oven.

So, let’s get started!

How to reset the Kenmore oven control board?

The simplest way to reset the Kenmore oven control board is to unplug it, wait for 30 seconds, and restart it. Most Kenmore oven models reset after the ‘restart.’

Functions of the control board in Kenmore oven

The Control board of the Kenmore oven is the key unit responsible for correctly regulating all the elements in your oven. A faulty control board may affect different parts of the oven, including the probe.

An oven can’t run without the control board. The Control board contains the following elements:

  • Starter
  • Oven timer
  • Child lock
  • Burner switch 
  • Sensor cables
  • Knobs for adjustments
  • Temperature control indicator
  • Oven Light switch

How to reset the control board of Kenmore ovens?

You can’t cook meals properly if the control board isn’t set to the desired setting. So, to reset a Kenmore oven’s control board, follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Unplug

First off, turn off every power supply to your oven. Unplug the oven.

Step 2: Wait for 60 seconds.

Keep your Kenmore oven off for at least one minute. 

Step 3: Restart it!

Now, press the button to restart the oven. Keep holding the button until the oven beeps.

Step 4: Wait again!

Once you hear the beeping sound, release the button. Now, wait again for at least three minutes. 

Step 5: Press ‘start’

Press the ‘start’ button again and keep pressing it until your Kenmore oven beeps once again.

Step 6: Here you go!

Now get your hands off. Within five to ten seconds, the oven display will show 00:00:00.

Signs of a bad control board

The following anomalies indicate that there is something wrong with the Kenmore oven’s control board:

1. Faulty temperature

When the oven control board is bad, it cooks at a temperature other than what you initially set. The food either comes out undercooked or overcooked.

For instance, if you set the Kenmore oven initially at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll notice it becomes 350 degrees Fahrenheit inside your oven.

2. Faulty Timer

If the timer ends before or after the time you set it, the issue is with the control board.

3. Blank Display 

A blank display means when nothing shows on display, not even ‘00:00:00’. If this is the case with your Kenmore oven, it’s time to fix and reset it.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

How to check the model of the Kenmore oven?

To check the Kenmore oven model, open the door of the oven. Look at the door frame. The door frame must have a model tag on it.

After the ‘Model no, the letters/digits and the model name of your Kenmore oven.

How to know the age of the Kenmore oven?

The serial number of the Kenmore oven will tell you how old it is. The serial number of the Kenmore oven follows the pattern of ‘’6 numbers preceded by 2 letters.’’ The letter stands for the month and year of manufacturing. 

Is Kenmore oven worth buying?

Absolutely yes! Kenmore ovens are worth buying. Users highly recommend these ovens for anyone looking for reliability on a budget. 

What is the F1 error in the Kenmore oven, and how to fix it?

A faulty keypad causes an F1 error. To resolve this, disconnect the keypad, wait for a while, and turn it on again. 

Final Verdict

In summary, resetting the Kenmore oven control board is super easy. Follow the steps above, and the control board will be all set!

Happy Cooking! 

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