Bosch oven Display Not Working [Solved]

Who doesn’t like using the elegant Bosch oven? They are trendy, handy, and very useful kitchen appliances.

But one of the most often-seen problems with Bosch ovens is the display issue. Over the past few weeks, I received many calls about the Bosch oven display not working.

Why is my Bosch oven display not working?

Your Bosch oven may not be working due to the lockout mode or the Sabbath mode, or there could be a problem with your power supply or control panel. The worst-case scenario could be that your display board is broken.

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Bosch Oven Display Not Working: Reasons and Solutions

The oven’s Display shows all the information. If it is not working correctly, it can be annoying because, without a properly working display, no one can interact with the oven.

It will be nearly impossible to give input to the oven without the right digital display.

Bosch oven’s displays can have two major types of problems:

  1. The display screen is still alive but not working properly.
  2. Display goes off

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Bosch Oven Display Problem #1:

The display screen is Still Alive but Not Working Properly.

The major problem with the Bosch oven is that its Display sometimes doesn’t work the way it should. Some of the most common issues faced by users and their solutions are:

Scenario 1: Bosch Oven Time Display Disappeared

You can face this problem with your Bosch oven due to an issue with the clock or a power interruption.

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  1. Check that the oven is plugged in and receiving power without interruption.
  2. Check the clock display setting and make sure the time is still set.
  3. If the oven has a power outage or experiences a power surge, it may reset the clock and cause the Display to disappear. You will need to reset the clock.

This problem is usually solved with these solutions, but contact a technician if you still face an issue. There should be an issue with your control board.

Scenario 2: The display shows an error or Message

This is the most common issue with the Bosch oven. Sometimes Bosch ovens suddenly start showing some error code or an error message on Display, which can be annoying as many display options won’t work.


This problem can be solved simply by running diagnostic troubleshooting tests.

Just check the error code in your Bosch oven manual and run the diagnostic mode accordingly, and the problem will be solved in a few minutes.

Simply resetting the oven can occasionally solve this issue.

If you don’t have any “Reset” buttons or options in your oven, just cut the power supply for a few minutes, and the oven will be reset automatically.

Scenario 3: Display Switches off after a few hours:

Another common issue with the Bosch oven is that sometimes its Display switches off after 2 to 3 hours, and it seems like there is a problem with the Display due to this behavior.


This problem can occur due to a mode in the Bosch oven known as ECO Mode or Energy Saving Mode. You can check if this mode is on by simply switching it off.

How to switch off the Eco Mode:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the control panel
  2. Go to “Settings” or System.”
  3. Look for an option saying “Energy Saving Mode” or “Eco Mode.”
  4. Switch it off if it is ON.

Scenario 4: The Display Shows no Response to any input

The most annoying issue with the Bosch oven is that sometimes its screen stops responding to all inputs.

Once I faced this issue and checked the control panel, but the control panel board was working fine, and I was so irritated.


This problem often occurs due to the “Lockout” or “Child lock” feature of the Bosch oven. This feature was introduced to prevent children from entering the wrong inputs.

If you can see a small “Close Door” icon at the top or bottom corner of your Display, your Lockout mode is on, just like mine, and due to this mode, your Bosch oven is not responding to any input.

The method of coming out of lockout mode differs from model to model, but I can give you a basic idea:

  1. Some Bosch ovens have a separate button with a small “Lock” icon. Press that button for a few seconds until an open door appears on your screen.
  2. If you don’t have a separate button, you can press the “clear” or “cancel” button for a few seconds until you see an open door appear on the screen.
  3. In some Bosch oven models, you can press the “Menu” button for a few seconds to come out of the “Lockout” mode.

If none of the above methods work, you can check your oven manual for a solution.

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Scenario 5: Flickering or Dim Screen

Flickering or a dim screen is another major display problem of Bosch ovens.

Sometimes the display screen starts shaking or flickering, making the user worried about it as it appears broken or damaged.


This issue often occurs when your control panel is damaged or has a loose connection.

Check your control panel. If any wire is damaged, repair it, or if the control panel itself is damaged, then I don’t suggest you repair it because it can cause some other issues in the future, so replace the control panel with the new one.

Bosch Oven Display Problem # 2:

The Display Screen Goes Off

The second display problem you can face with the Bosch oven is that the Display goes completely off or blank. There are a few reasons for this issue:

Scenario 1: Damaged Cable or Power Outlet

Often, your Bosch oven display completely goes off due to a damaged cable or a faulty power outlet.

It is obvious that if the oven doesn’t get the electricity properly, it will not work, and it seems to us like its Display is not working.


First, check whether the power outlet is working fine by simply testing another appliance at that outlet. If the outlet is working fine, then check the power cable.

Look for any damage on the wire or check the cable with a multimeter.

Scenario 2: Burn Capacitor or Fuse

All ovens have a capacitor and a Fuse to protect them from high voltage.

If the capacitor or fuse is burned or damaged, the Display will not work and go blank.


Open the oven and check the Fuse and the capacitor with the help of a multimeter. If you don’t have a multimeter, then keenly observe the capacitor.

If it is swollen, it needs to be replaced, and if the Fuse has become black or the thin wire in it is broken, you need a new fuse.

Scenario 3: Broken or Damaged Display

If none of the above methods work for you and your Display is still not working, that means your Display is broken and you need a new display.


I won’t suggest you repair it or replace it yourself. You should call a professional technician for this job, and getting a new Display is better than repairing your old one.

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So, if I summarize, the Bosch oven display will either completely go off or not be working properly.

There are many reasons for this, like the malfunctioning of the control panel, a damaged Fuse or capacitor, or some built-in modes of the oven that are not so common for a normal user.

And lastly, the main reason is the damaged display board.

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