Why does my Viking oven fan keep running? Reasons & Solutions.

So, you bought that handy Viking fan and absolutely loved it. But you just realized that the Viking oven fans keep running even when you switch them off.

Well, that’s weird. But just before you think your oven fan not working is a manufacturing fault in the fan, here is what you need to know.

Why does my Viking oven fan keep running?

Your Viking oven fan keeps running in self-cleaning mode or when the oven needs to cool down its temperature. The fan also keeps running if the ventilation is blocked, the thermostat is not working properly, or, worst, a faulty motor.

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What purpose does an oven fan serve?

Oven fans circulate the hot air evenly inside the oven to help cook the food. Normally, oven heating elements are located at the bottom, so fans spread the heat inside the oven.

Another major use of the oven fan is to cool down the oven after it has been turned off. If the oven fan does not function properly, it may result in overheating of the oven.

Why does My Viking Oven Fan Keep Running?

Viking is considered a reliable ovens brand, but sometimes its fans behave improperly.

I faced the issue of continuously running oven fan a year ago and did some research on it, and I came to know that this issue occurs due to 5 main reasons.

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Reason 1: The Oven is Still Hot

The fan may continue to run even after the oven has turned off to help it cool down and prevent it from overheating.


Wait for the oven to cool down, and the fan will automatically turn off.

This process sometimes takes 20 to 30 minutes, so be patient, let the fan do its work, and then check if it is still running.

Reason 2: The Oven is in the Self-Cleaning Mode

In self-cleaning mode, the oven temperature rises high (nearly 600 to 900) to burn off the food or grease that may be stuck to oven walls.

The fan runs continuously to circulate the hot air inside the oven and remove any odors that may be produced during the cleaning process.


Check the oven display if you see any self-cleaning message or icon, or if your oven’s controls are not working, that means your oven is in self-cleaning mode. Let it complete, and the fan will stop automatically.

The time taken in self-cleaning differs in different models of Viking oven, but normally it would take 2 to 4 hours.

Reason 3: The thermostat is not working properly

In Viking ovens, a thermostat is used to sense the temperature and run the fan when needed to regulate the temperature of the oven.

The fan may run unnecessarily if the thermostat is not accurately sensing the oven’s temperature.


You need to replace the thermostat with the new one. You can follow the following steps to do so:

  1. Unplug the oven from the power supply.
  2. Remove the screws or clips holding the panel and remove the panel to access the thermostat.
  3. Disconnect the wires from the old thermostat and note down which wire goes to which terminal so that you can correctly connect the new thermostat.
  4. Remove the mounting screws that are holding the old thermostat in place.
  5. Install the new thermostat by attaching it to mounting screws and connecting the correct wire to the terminal.
  6. Place the panel back and screw it up, and now you can use your oven.

Reason 4: The ventilation System is Blocked

Another major reason why the fan of the Viking oven keeps running is the blocked ventilation of the oven.

If the vents or ducts are blocked, the fan may run longer than usual to regulate the temperature.


Check the vents and ducts of your Viking oven for any debris or blockage, and make sure they are clean and clear.

Reason 5: Faulty Fan Motor

Last but not least, the Viking oven fan keeps running due to a faulty motor. First, make sure to check the above reasons in your Viking oven.

If the fan still keeps running, that means its motor is not working properly, and that’s why it keeps running even when not necessary. So, you need to repair it or replace it.


Contact a professional technician for this job, as it’s a complex task, and you would end up creating a mess if you tried it yourself.


So, in conclusion, your Viking oven fan keeps running due to ventilation blockage, a faulty thermostat, the self-cleaning mode, or cooling the oven down after heating up to a high temperature. The worst case is that the fan’s motor is damaged.

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