Easy Fixes for F11 Code on LG Oven

LG ovens are designed for your convenience, offering the most reliable performance.

Designed with a sleek and stylish look, LG ovens allow you to do more at home. But just like every other company, LG ovens also sometimes show errors. 

Like all modern ovens, LG ovens have more features, which means more things are likely to cause trouble. One such issue is LG oven codes.

More than eight codes can appear in LG ovens, i.e., F1, F2/F4, F3, F5, F6/F8, F11, etc. One of the most common errors that can appear on the LG oven display while the oven is running is F11.

I compiled this guide, so you don’t have to fix your oven all day.

Let’s begin!

What is F11 Code on LG ovens?

The F11 code on the LG oven indicates that the oven isn’t heating up properly. To fix F11, immediately check the igniter and wire connections.

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What’s Special about LG Ovens?

An LG oven is not like any other oven out there. Some features make them one of the most reliable and trustworthy cooking appliances. The following are the features of LG ovens:

· Enjoy delicious meals with smooth cooking. You will enjoy every dish you prepare because it will be cooked more thoroughly and evenly.

  • The defrost feature makes life easier for you. Frozen patties are no longer a problem. With Smart Inverter, food is heated evenly and defrosted at precisely the right temperature.
  • With LG ovens, you can cook your favorite meal in no time. These ovens allow you to cook 1.5 times faster than an average oven. 

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LG Ovens Error Codes 

Codes that indicate errors are represented by the letter “F” and a number. In LG ovens, the error codes create a beeping sound.

Note that some error codes differ from LG model to LG model, depending on when they were manufactured.

Following are some of the basic error codes in LG ovens:

  • Error code F1: Faulty temperature sensor 
  • Error code F1: Jammed button
  • Error code F5:  Faulty control boarded
  • Error code F3: Short-circuit
  • Error code F6: Overheated oven
  • Error code FF8: Issue with main power 
  • Error code F10/F4: Faulty door lock 
  • Error code F11/F9/F7: Oven isn’t heating up properly

It’s time to discuss one of the most important and common codes on LG ovens: F11.

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Code F11, its Causes, and Quick-fixes 

If F11 appears, there might be a problem with the oven’s heating. If, after five minutes of closing the LG oven door, the temperature doesn’t go above 150 F, it is a red flag that your oven has a preheating issue. (aka F11 error)

Let’s see what causes this error and what we can do to fix it!

What causes an F11 code to appear on LG ovens?

Cause 1: Preheating problem

A problem with preheating usually causes the F11 error. Whenever the temperature on increases slowly on display, the F11 code appears, which confirms that your LG oven has preheating issue.

Cause 2: Malfunctioned igniter

Another common cause of F11 error is a malfunctioning igniter. F11 is a call that the igniter has almost clapped out and needs replacement.

A typical igniter lasts between 6 and 8 years. After eight years, they either quit working or fail to produce enough heat to cook a meal evenly and fully well.

A normal LG igniter draws up to 3 amps and creates enough heat within one minute, but a faulty igniter fails to draw 3 amps.

If an igniter fails to draw 3+ amps, the safety valve of your LG oven will remain closed. 

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Troubleshooting F11 Code on LG Oven

Step 1: Check the oven setting

The rule of thumb is to start fixing the issue by checking your LG oven’s current settings. Users often accidentally set the timer or temperature to an undesired setting.

Step 2: Check the door lock

The next step is to check if your LG oven door is fully closed since a partially closed door can cause the oven to beep.

Step 3: Press Off/Clear

Now press “OFF/Clear” to clear all the error codes on display.

Step 4: Clean the igniter

Check the igniter of your oven for dust and dirt particles. Use a toothbrush to clean the igniter.

Step 5: Examine the igniter

Now, check if the igniter is damaged by sparking.

Step 6: Check the electric connection

It’s time to check if all the electric connections to the ignition are secure.

Final Verdict

Like all appliances in your kitchen, LG ovens sometimes create a problem, but this doesn’t mean the oven needs replacement.

With the right knowledge about the usage of LG ovens and their codes, one can keep worries at bay.

So, the next time your LG oven shows error code F11, recall all the above-mentioned quick fixes. Happy Cooking!

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  1. I have an LG double oven. I accidently locked the bottom oven and don’t know how to unlock it. I keep getting an F11 code. What do I do?

    • Hi Maxine,
      The F11 error code on an LG oven means the oven door is locked. To unlock, try pressing and holding the “Lock” or “Clear/Off” button, unplugging the oven, or contacting LG customer service or a professional repair technician. Note that during self-cleaning, the door will remain locked until the cycle is complete and the oven has cooled down.
      Hope this helps.


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