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Oven error codes are annoying; we all agree on that. You don’t want your most commonly used kitchen appliance to show weird error codes in the middle of a busy day.

What is an F230 Oven Code?

The first thing – which may even surprise you- is that there is no such error code as the F230 code. But you have just seen this code on your oven, right?

Actually, the error code is F2E0. In my experience, many confuse “3” for “E”, or sometimes, the display panel has an error, showing 3 instead of E.

So, one of the reasons why you don’t find any content on the F230 error code in the user manual or other resources is that it is the wrong code name.

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So, now that we know that it is an F2E0 error code (and not F230), let’s see what this code means and what the causes are for this error code.

However, for the sake of your convenience, I shall mention both of these code names throughout this post.

What is an F230 (or F2EO) Oven Code?

The F2EO (sometimes mistaken as F230) error code indicates a faulty Electronic Oven Control of your oven (EOC). An F2E0 (or F230) code indicates that the EOC is not properly connected to the temperature sensor due to faulty wiring, malfunctioning circuits, or a problem with the oven sensor.

Main ProblemCauses
EOC malfunctionManufacturing defect
 Power surge damage
 Wear and tear
Door Lock or KeypadBroken door, stuck keypad
Faulty wiringLoose connections
 Damaged wires
Power supplyFluctuations in the power supply
Oven sensor problemsMalfunctioning sensor
 Improper connection
Main problems that lead to F230 (or F2E0) error code and the reasons for those problems.

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So, what happens if you see the F2EO (or F230) error code?

In most cases, this error code is associated with the malfunctioning of the EOC. EOC is responsible for regulating the heating element of this oven, which controls the oven temperature.

So, an obvious phenomenon you would associate with F230 (or F2EO) error code is uneven heating of the oven. Because the heating element is not working properly, the oven will heat up unevenly and show this error code on display.

6 reasons why you see an F230 (or F2EO) error code

I have figured out 6 main reasons why you see this error code on your oven.

1. A faulty Electronic Oven Control (EOC)

As discussed above, the EOC connects to the heating element. A malfunctioning of EOC may lead to poor communication with the heating element, thus resulting in uneven oven heating.

2. Faulty wiring

In some cases, it is just that the oven wiring has a problem – the wire may be broken or loose at some point. A faulty wiring may also disrupt the communication between EOC and the heating element.

3. A faulty oven sensor

There is a good possibility that the EOC is working properly and the heating element is doing well, but the oven sensor is not measuring the temperature correctly.

In such a case, what happens is that the oven sensor sends incorrect measurements to the EOC, and as a result, the EOC keeps asking the heating element to heat more (or less).

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4. A problematic power supply

This is, by far, the most commonly seen reason for an F230 (or F2EO) error code. If the power supply has fluctuations, it may harm the oven’s circuit and may also lead to uneven heating.

5. Broken Door Lock

Sometimes, this error code appears due to a broken door lock. If the oven door is not locked properly, the oven may not heat up evenly.

6. A stuck keypad

A stuck keypad may also be the culprit for F230 (or F2EO) error code. Due to a stuck keypad, the desired temperature may not be achieved. Furthermore, a stuck keypad may also disturb the EOC.

Estimates prevalence of causes of F2EO Error Code
Estimates prevalence of causes of F2EO Error Code

How to fix the F230 (or F2EO) error code?

Here are 5 simple ways to fix this error code on your oven.

1. Replace the faulty touchpad

To start with, make sure that the touchpad is securely connected to the control board.

To do this, press the ‘Cancel’ function, wait for at least 50-60 seconds and see if the code has disappeared. If the code reappears, you may want to replace the touchpad.

2. Re-connect to the electric supply line

In most cases, the error F2E0 or F230 appears due to an issue with the oven circuit. In such a case, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Please switch off the oven and disconnect it from the main grid for at least a minute.
  2. After that, reconnect the oven to the main power supply.
  3. Press ‘Off’ twice, press ‘Start,’ and set the clock/timer.
  4. This should reset the circuit, and the error message should be gone.

3. Replacing the EOC

If steps 1 and 2 show that the keypad is fine and there are no issues with the power supply or the circuit, then you may want to replace the EOC.

Here are a few simple steps to make it a DUY project:

Step 1: Disconnect the oven from its electrical or gas supply.

Step 2: At the back of the oven, remove the screws holding the back panel and remove the back panel.

Step 3: You will see the EOC board on the top side of the oven. If you are confused, see the diagram of your oven model to know which component is the EOC.

Step 4: Usually, 2-4 wires or sensors are connected to the EOC. Disconnect all those wires and sensors.

Step 5: After removing the wires, remove the screws that hold the EOC board.

Step 6: Install the new EOC board by reversing these same steps.

Step 7: Reassemble the oven, plug the oven back in and see if the error code has disappeared.

4. Inspect and repair any wiring issues

Like with EOC, you can easily inspect, detect and fix any wiring issues. Just follow the following simple steps:

Step 1: Detach the oven from its main power supply (electric or gas).

Step 2: Remove the back panel of the oven, following the same steps outlined for EOC replacement.

Step 3: Now, carefully see if you can detect any loose or broken wire.

Step 4: In most cases, the problem could be due to a loose or broken wire. Use tape to fix the broken/damaged wire if you find it so.

Step 5: Reassemble the oven, plug in the power supply and see if the error code has disappeared.

5. Check and replace the oven sensor

Here are simple steps you can follow to replace the oven sensor.

Step 1: Unplug the power supply and remove the back panel (as explained in the above sections).

Step 2: Locate the oven sensor. It is normally placed at the top of the oven near EOC (it may vary with your oven model, though).

Step 3: Now, use a multimeter to test whether the sensor is working properly.

Step 4: If the oven sensor fails the continuity test (with a multimeter), it is a clear sign the culprit was the oven sensor, and you must replace it.

Step 5: Remove any wires and screws holding the oven sensor, replace them and reassemble the oven. The error code should be disappeared now.


To sum up, the F230 (or F2EO) error code indicates that your oven is not heating up evenly, and it may have something to do with a faulty EOC, circuit, loose wiring, or oven sensor.

You can fix these issues by using the guidelines in this article. I highly recommend that you regularly clean your oven, ensure proper installation of the oven, and schedule regular maintenance checks to prevent this error in the future.

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