5 Ways to Fix FSE1 Whirlpool Oven Error Code [Solved]

If you’re a Whirlpool oven user, you might have seen alphanumeric codes on your oven display. These codes include F4/E1, F5/E0, F3/E3, F5E1, FSE1, etc. 

These alphanumeric codes are the errors in Whirlpool ovens. Through these error codes, Whirlpool ovens communicate with users.  

In this blog post, I will provide a complete guide to one of the most common errors on Whirlpool ovens: the FSE1 error code.

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What is the FSE1 error on the Whirlpool Oven?

An FSE1 error on the Whirlpool oven refers to a faulty self-cleaning system. FSE1 error could be due to a malfunctioning door lock, a faulty temperature sensor in the oven, or a problem with the control board of the oven.

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Cause of FSE1 error on the Whirlpool oven

Cause 1: Faulty door latch

One of the main reasons why error FSE1 pops up on your Whirlpool oven display is a faulty door latch system. 

So, whenever the Whirlpool door lock isn’t working properly, the oven assumes that the latch is jammed between an unlocked and locked position. 

Cause 2: Self-cleaning cycle 

The FSE1 error is a signal that your Whirlpool oven sends to the display to inform you about the oven door latch issue. 

Another cause of the FSE1 error in Whirpool ovens is self-cleaning. ”Self-clean” is a cleaning option in Whirlpool ovens.

During the self-cleaning cycle, the door latch motor is constantly spinning. This results in the gradual opening and closing of the door latch. 

The repetitive opening and closing of the door resulted in beeps and error FSE1.

Troubleshooting the FSE1 error on the Whirlpool oven

Fixing the FSE1 error code is easy. It just requires a few steps to resolve this issue. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Wiggle the door hook

To resolve the Whirlpool oven error FSE1, open the oven door and wiggle the hook of the door latch. 

Step 2: Unplug the oven

Next, unplug the oven or turn off the breaker. Most issues in the Whirlpool oven are resolved using these steps. Make the power supply completely cut.

Step 3: Shut the door

Because a faulty door lock system causes the FSE1 error, you must first shut the door to resolve it.

Step 4: Wait and plug-in

Wait a couple of minutes and plug in the oven to turn it on. The error FSE1 shouldn’t appear this time. 

Step 5: Replace the door latch

Hopefully, you won’t see error F2E1 after following the above-mentioned 4 steps. If the error reappears, consider replacing the oven door latch

Frequently Asked Questions- (FAQs)

What is the E1 error code on the Whirlpool oven?

E1 error in the Whirlpool oven stands for an open Thermistor. Thermistors are used to detect the temperature. It plays an important role in resisting high temperatures. 

The Whirlpool oven isn’t working; what to do?

A few elements must be checked if the Whirlpool oven isn’t working. First, check the power supply.

Sometimes, the plug in the main supply doesn’t support enough electricity.

Next, check the oven control lock. Make sure the control lock isn’t turned on. Lastly, try restarting the Whirlpool.

What is error F2 on the Whirlpool oven?

Error F2 means that there is something wrong with the temperature sensor. Check the wiring in the sensor system or replace the sensor.

Final Thoughts

Here is a complete guide to error FSE1 on Whirlpool ovens. Follow the 5-step process, and you won’t see the error FSE1 again on the Whirlpool oven display.

Happy Cooking!

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