Food fell in oven vent – 6 Easy Steps to Fix It.

Has food just fallen in your oven vent? Do you think leaving the oven vent with food particles inside is fine? If so, you are wrong! It’s not okay to let food particles stay inside your oven vent.  

Want to know the reason? This blog post will not only tell you the hazards of a dirty oven vent but also guide you on how to clean your oven vent. 

Today’s blog post will address one of the most frequently asked questions: ‘’Food fell in my oven vent. What should I do now?’’

Let’s jump in!

Food fell in oven vent. What to do now?

If food has fallen in your oven vent, turn off the oven immediately. Now, vacuum the food crumbs. Next, use a towel to clean the water particles (if any) on the top of the oven vent. This instant cleaning will prevent your oven from future damage. 

A complete guide to cleaning an oven vent if food falls inside

If food falls inside your oven vent, it should be cleaned immediately. Any delay in cleaning your oven and letting it run while it’s dirty will cost you in the long run. 

So, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow in cleaning the oven vent:

Step 1: Go through the manual

As different oven models have different instructions, reading your oven’s manual will prevent you from mishandling the oven.

Step 2: Shut down the ventilation system

To prevent food particles from reaching inside the tubes, turn off the ventilation of your oven immediately. 

Step 3: Remove the filter

Take out the oven filter. To clean it, soak the filter in a degreaser and let it be for one hour. Next, take it out, and wash it under the running tap.

Step 4: Clean the pipe

This step brings attention to the inlet pipe of your oven. Thoroughly clean the inlet pipe with a wet piece of cloth. 

Step 5: Observe the vent 

Cleaning the exhaust vent is as important as cleaning the inlet pipe. Observe the exhaust vent if it has greasy inside. Take out the vent cap and scrap off the grease.

Step 6: Clean the electric motor

If so far everything is cleaned, it’s time to pay attention to the electric motor of your oven. But why? An oven’s electric motor works in humid, oily, and hot air currents. If you find trouble cleaning the electric motor, leave this task to professionals.

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3 Hazards of Letting the Food Particles Stay in the Oven Vent

You may be thinking, ‘’But why is it important to clean the oven vent immediately?’’.

Well, here are 3 reasons why you should never let food particles stay in the oven vent:

Hazard no.1: Overheating

An oven vent plays in maintaining the internal temperature of the oven. So, if the oven vent is blocked with food particles, it won’t be able to remove the hot air outside, causing overheating inside the oven. 

Hazard no.2: Fire explosion

In many cases, a blocked oven vent has caused fire explosions.

Just imagine if a particle of fish meat falls into the oven vent and you turn on the oven without cleaning it. Ultimately, the grease of meat will block the vent causing an explosion. 

Hazard no.3: Odor

Certain foods cause a foul smell inside the oven vent. If suddenly, the cooked food starts to smell, it’s time to clean the oven vent.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

How often should I clean the oven vent?

Experts recommend cleaning the oven vent twice a month. But the oven vent is not the only place dirt accumulates. Pipes, electric motors, and filters are equally important. 

How often should I clean oven racks?

Cleaning the oven racks depends on the frequency of oven usage. According to the consensus, oven racks and the internal chamber must be cleaned once a week.

What is the most popular trick to clean the oven?

One trick that works wonders in cleaning the oven is using salt. 

While taking out the cooked food, if it spills on the oven tray, rack, or bottom part, sprinkle some salt while it is hot. 

Next, clean the salt with a brush and see the magic!

Final Verdict

Now you know why cleaning the oven vent is crucial if food falls in it. Follow the above-mentioned tips to clean the oven vent and other parts of the oven regularly, and you will never face any issues!

Happy Cooking!

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