How to Fix Garland Oven Pilot Light? 7 Easy Steps [Solved]

A kitchen is much more than a couple of appliances. It’s the heart of your meal. It’s what brings magic to your table. 

For every kitchen, the right oven is essential. Garland knows how to make your cooking experience all fun! To meet your cooking needs, Garland offers both deck ovens and convection.

 That being said, let’s discuss the most important question Garland oven users are asking these days: ‘’what does Garland oven pilot light mean?’’ 

The Oven pilot light is a mystery to many Garland oven users. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the function of the pilot light in Garland ovens.

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What does garland oven pilot light mean?

The pilot light in the Garland oven is a tiny flame used to light the large burner. A burning pilot is nothing to worry about. The oven won’t start without a pilot light as it ignites the main burner. 

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A step-by-step guide to light the pilot light in Garland ovens

Why does the pilot light in Garland ovens goes off?

Multiple factors affect pilot light in Garland ovens. 

Reason 1: Poor Ventilation

One of the reasons why the pilot light doesn’t stay in Garland ovens is poor ventilation. 

Reason 2: Faulty Thermocouple

A burned or damaged thermocouple doesn’t let the pilot light stay lighted. In Garland ovens, a thermocouple acts as a safety device. It cuts the gas supply when the pilot light turns off.

 A thermocouple contains a heat sensor. The heat sensor is linked to the solenoid. When the pilot flame doesn’t heat the sensor, the gas supply is shit by solenoid. Ultimately, when the thermocouple doesn’t work, the pilot light will not stay on.

Troubleshooting a Faulty Pilot Light in Garland ovens

Fixing a malfunctioned pilot light isn’t so difficult. Just follow the steps listed below, and your Garland oven pilot light will be fixed:

Tools required: 

· A piece of cloth (microfiber if available)

· A lighter with a long wand


Step 1: Turn off the gas supply

First, ensure the Garland oven’s gas supply is turned off. Turn off both the burner and the oven. Also, ensure no other gas appliance is turned on in your kitchen. 

Step2: Ventilate your kitchen

To ventilate your kitchen, open the windows. Proper ventilation is the first step to troubleshooting.

Step 3: Locate the pilot light

The pilot light is often labeled “pilot light” in Garland ovens. 

Step 4: Clean the pilot light area thoroughly

This step is the most important one. Wipe the area around the pilot light using a cloth (preferably microfiber). 

Step 5: Turn on the gas supply.

Now turn on the gas supply and hold on for at least 7-10 seconds.

Step 6: Light the pilot

Turn the lights on and bring it near the pilot hole. At this stage, the pilot light will light immediately. If it doesn’t light up, the thermocouple must have some issues.

Step 7: Check the oven:

Turn on your Garland oven and check if it begins heating up.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What does F0-0 mean in Garland ovens?

Some users worry after seeing this code on Garland oven displays. If this is the case with you, you’ll be surprised to know that this code means ‘’no error’’. It’s just a random code that means that the Garland oven is working fine.

What are the dimensional features of the Garland oven?

The elegant nickel-plated Garland ovens are 26 inches deep and 26 inches wide. A Garland oven weighs approximately 8.70 lb. 

What happens if the Garland oven’s thermostat isn’t calibrated?

The thermostat monitors the temperature. So if the thermostat isn’t set properly, it won’t regulate the heat evenly through the oven.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, millions of people use Garland as a time-tested brand. There is nothing to worry about regarding the pilot light. If the pilot light of your favorite Garland oven causes trouble, follow the above-mentioned guide, and it will be all good to go!

Happy Cooking!

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