5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Freezer Feels Hot On The Sides

Have you ever noticed that your Frigidaire freezer feels unusually hot on the sides? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have experienced this issue and wonder what could be causing it.

In this article, I will explore five surprising reasons why your Frigidaire freezer may feel hot on the sides.

What are the 5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Freezer Feels Hot on the Sides?

Discover the 5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Frigidaire Freezer Feels Hot on the Sides. Learn to locate the reset button, turn off the freezer, press and hold the button for 10 seconds to reset, wait for the magic to happen, and test your freezer’s functionality.

Key Takeaways

  • Insufficient air circulation, fan malfunction, inadequate insulation, and condenser overload can cause Frigidaire freezers to feel hot on the sides.
  • Regular maintenance, including cleaning the condenser coils and ensuring space around the condenser, can prevent heat buildup.
  • Blocked ventilation can hinder the circulation of cold air, so regularly cleaning and clearing obstructions from vents is important.
  • It’s crucial to check the thermostat’s settings, test it, and make sure there is adequate ventilation because faulty thermostats can cause temperature fluctuations.

Insufficient Air Circulation

One possible reason for your Frigidaire freezer feeling hot on the sides could be due to insufficient air circulation. This can occur if there’s a fan malfunction or inadequate insulation.

The fan plays a crucial role in circulating cold air throughout the freezer, ensuring that all areas are evenly cooled. If the fan isn’t functioning properly, it may lead to hot spots on the sides of the freezer.

Inadequate insulation can also contribute to this issue. Insulation helps retain cold air inside the freezer and prevents heat from entering. If there are gaps or damage to the insulation, it can result in heat transfer from outside sources, causing the sides of the freezer to feel warm.

Condenser Overload

Did you know that an overloaded condenser could be the culprit behind your freezer feeling warm on the sides? The condenser is a vital component in your Frigidaire freezer, responsible for dissipating heat from the interior to the surrounding environment. If it becomes overloaded with dirt, dust, or debris, it can’t perform its function effectively.

Regular condenser maintenance is essential to prevent any issues. Start by unplugging your freezer and locating the condenser coils at the back or underneath it. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to gently remove any accumulated dirt or dust.

Additionally, make sure there’s sufficient space around the condenser for proper air circulation. A compressor malfunction can also lead to excessive heat buildup on the sides of your freezer.

Blocked Ventilation

If the airflow in your freezer is restricted, it’s like having a clogged highway during rush hour, causing heat to build up and potentially damaging the appliance.

One common reason for a frigidaire freezer feeling hot on the sides is blocked ventilation. When the vents or air passages in your freezer become blocked by debris, dust, or even food items, it hinders the circulation of cold air.

As a result, heat transfer becomes less efficient, leading to an increase in temperature on the exterior surfaces of the appliance.

Faulty Thermostat

To ensure proper functioning of your Frigidaire freezer and prevent temperature fluctuations, it’s essential to address a faulty thermostat. A faulty thermostat is one of the common issues that can cause your freezer to feel hot on the sides.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve this problem:

  • Check the temperature settings: Make sure the thermostat is set to the correct temperature for freezing.
  • Test the thermostat: Use a multimeter to check if the thermostat is functioning properly. If it’s not, consider replacing it.

  • Clean around the thermostat: Dust and debris can interfere with its performance. Gently clean around the thermostat using a soft brush or cloth.

  • Ensure proper ventilation: Blocked air vents can affect temperature regulation. Make sure there is enough space around the freezer for airflow.

Excessive Ambient Temperature

Feeling like your freezer is heating up more than usual? One possible culprit could be excessive ambient temperature. When the surrounding environment is too warm, it can cause your Frigidaire freezer to feel hot on the sides.

High humidity levels and improper insulation can contribute to this issue. High humidity can make it harder for your freezer to remove heat efficiently, leading to increased temperatures on the exterior surfaces. The moisture in the air makes it more challenging for the cooling system to do its job effectively.

Improper insulation can also play a role in the heat buildup on the sides of your freezer. If there are gaps or cracks in the insulation, warm air from outside can seep into the unit, causing it to work harder and generate excess heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve air circulation around my Frigidaire freezer?

To improve air circulation around my Frigidaire freezer, I can utilize effective cooling methods such as keeping the condenser coils clean and ensuring proper clearance for airflow. Proper freezer placement away from heat sources is also crucial for optimal cooling performance.

What are some signs that the condenser in my freezer may be overloaded?

Some signs of condenser overload in a freezer include excessive heat on the sides, unusual noises, and poor cooling performance. To prevent overload, clean the condenser regularly and ensure proper airflow around the unit.

How can I check if the ventilation in my freezer is blocked?

To check if the ventilation in your freezer is blocked, start by unplugging it and removing any items blocking the vents. Clean the vents using a vacuum or brush. Plug it back in and monitor if the sides feel hot.

What are some common symptoms of a faulty thermostat in a Frigidaire freezer?

Common causes of a faulty thermostat in a Frigidaire freezer include temperature fluctuations, failure to maintain desired temperature, and ice build-up. To troubleshoot, check for these symptoms and consider replacing the thermostat if necessary.

Can extreme temperatures in the surrounding environment affect the temperature of my Frigidaire freezer?

Yes, extreme temperatures in the surrounding environment can affect the temperature of your Frigidaire freezer. High humidity can impact its performance and sunlight exposure can also impact the freezer’s temperature.


In conclusion, after analyzing the various reasons why your Frigidaire freezer feels hot on the sides, it’s clear that insufficient air circulation, condenser overload, blocked ventilation, faulty thermostat, and excessive ambient temperature can all contribute to this issue.

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