What is GE oven 326b1230p001?

GE ovens are one of the most reliable ovens out there. With large capacity, electronic control, and self-cleaning mode, these ovens stand out from the rest.

In this blog post, I’ll crack one of the most commonly asked questions by GE ovens users: ‘’What is GE oven 326b1230p001?’’ Is it the model number, a part identification number, or an oven serial number?

This blog post will answer all of your ambiguities regarding GE oven 326b1230p001.

Let’s begin!

What is GE oven 326b1230p001?

The alphanumeric code 326b1230p001 is usually written on the door of GE ovens. While some people think it is a model number of GE ovens, it is the serial number assigned to the label given to a part of GE ovens.

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Why do people get confused about GE oven 326b1230p001?

I have seen many people confuse 326b1230p001 with the oven model number.

And it is not surprising that people frequently search this term on the internet to find answers to the problems related to their ovens.

You are less likely to find any answer or online support if you use the 326b1230p001 number to refer to your oven. This number does not reflect your oven model.

If you call for online support or search on the internet, you would need to provide the model number of your GE oven to get the required help.

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Where do you find the model number of your GE oven?

The question is, which is the model number on your GE oven? To do this, you must first locate the serial or rating plate on your GE oven. These plates are usually at the bottom or sides of the oven.

As I have seen, the rating plate usually shows up on the frame of the oven, while the serial plate is often present on the frame of the oven.

The information on both these plates is usually very similar. The numbers/letter displayed on the serial/rating plate tells you the serial number, the model number, and other relevant information about your GE oven.

What is the difference between the model number and the serial number?

Let’s try to understand this. A model number for a GE oven is a code that identifies a particular oven model. A model number is usually a combination of some numbers and letters.

The model number is usually used to know the features and specifications of a given oven. A model number can tell you features like size, capacity, and cooking modes in your oven.

On the other hand, a serial number is a unique code assigned to each appliance. A serial number identifies your appliance for warranty and service purposes.

Like a model number, a serial number is also a combination of letters and numbers. It is located on a visible place, such as the door or the back of the oven.

So, what is the purpose of a serial number?

The serial number is used to track the appliance history, such as the manufacture date, and to verify the warranty coverage.

In summary, the model number will tell you the model and features of the oven, whereas a serial number is the unique identification of the appliance.

The point to understand is that if you tell a customer support representative your oven serial number, they won’t be able to identify the exact model of your oven and may not be able to help you with your specific problem.

What is GE oven 326b1230p001? The Conclusion

To conclude, 326b1230p001 on GE oven is not the model number. It is either the serial number or a part identification number.

If you cannot find the model number on your GE ovens (Yes, it is sometimes pretty hard to locate it on the oven), find the oven manual and get your model number from there.

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